2020 Programme
7th   Speaker: 'Wildlife', Johsua Harris (£45).
        New membership.
14th Shoot: Bring your Christmas decorations.
        Photos in for open Digital competition.
21st Shoot by candlelight.
28th Competition: 'Open', digital.
        Judge: Steve Spraggon (£95).

   30 min challenge. Camera needed.
11th Members: 10 of your favourite photos.
       Photos in for Buildings print competition.
18th Shoot: Water drops
25th Competition: 'Buildings' print.
        Judge: Sharon Stevens.

  Speaker: 'Dartmoor', Dianna Giles (£75).
10th Shoot: Light trails.
        Photos in for Black and White digital comp.
17th Shoot: Still life.
24th Competition: 'Black and White' digital.
        Judge: Keith Spicer.
31st AV slide show competition. 2 mins length.
        Judged in house.

  30 min challenge. Camera needed.
14th Shoot: Jewellery macro.
        Photos in for Water print competition.
21st Speaker: Judith & Roger Parry (£120).
28th Competiton: 'Water' print.
        Judge: Peter Ottley.

5th   Shoot: Apex.
12th Shoot: portraits.
        Photos in for Transport  digital com.
19th 30 min challenge.Cqmera needed.
26th Competition: 'Transport' digital.
        Judge: Nigel Kendall (£36).

2nd Bridgwater to Taunton Canal.
9th   Shoot: Movement/panning.
        Photos in for Nature digital comp.

JUNE Cont'd
16th Shoot: Wells.
23rd Competition: 'Nature' print.
         Judge: Higgy (£78).
30th Speaker: Victoria Hillman (£122).

7th   Shoot: Ralph's wood.
14th AGM
18th Sat. Club exhibition.
21st & 28th Club closed/Photo shoots.

4th - 25th   Club closed/Photo shoots.

1st    Show Summer pictures.
8th    30 min challenge. Cameras needed.
         Photos in for Open digital comp.
15th  Shoot: outside.
22nd Competiion: 'Open' digital.
         Judge: Steve Loveridge (£25).
29th  Speaker: 'Astral', Steve Loveridge (£25).

6th    Talks by members.
13th  Shoot: Away from Burnham.
         Photos in for Countryside print comp.
20th Talks by members.
         Final entries for DPIC.
27th  Competition: 'Countryside' print.
         Judge: Don Bishop (£80).

3rd    Shoot: Light trails.
10th  DPIC panel to meet.
         Canival pictures.
         Photos in for Animals digital comp.
17th  Speaker: 'Wildlife', David Boag.
24th  Competition: Animals digital.
         Judge: John Scaife (£20).

1st   30 min challenge. Cameras needed.
8th   DPIC final show.
15th Christmas buffet and slide show.
22nd Club closed.